Occupy O’Flynn

In their usual style, Republicans in the county legislature waited until the final moments of the 2012 budget debate before sneaking in a whopping raise for Sheriff Pat O’Flynn, who stands to add…


Bill Taylor Found Guilty

Republican candidate for District Attorney, Bill Taylor, was found guilty of violating two parts of the Fair Campaigns Pledge.  If Taylor can’t uphold his pledge to be fair in his campaign, how can…

AG Police Badge

Attorney General Subpoenas UTC

Upstate Telecommunications Corporation, the scandal-ridden LDC in charge of Monroe County’s $99 million IT contract, has been subpoenaed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This action comes from the NYS Comptroller’s Audit of the…

“Enough is Enough”

For the full link to the CSEA article on their endorsements:  CSEA Voice Reporter: Decision 2011: Enough is Enough


Remember Robutrad? Another Conviction for the County

Robert Morone was sentenced today, in State Court, to 1-3 years which will be served concurrently with his Federal sentence.  In addition, he will be required to pay between $3,000 and $34,000 in…


County Vendor Scores $225,000 Contract With Republican DA Candidate

Maggie Brooks’ Special Counsel and DA Candidate Bill Taylor is using the same communications company for his political advertisements that has had a history of failing to make its payments to the Monroe…


More Bid Rigging for Friends?

This article was posted Saturday, October 8th by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:  Rental car business sues Rochester airport over bid Written by David Andreatta Staff writer The operator of three rental car…


County Neglects to Notify Public on Sewage Issues

While the County spokesman claims that exceeding the discharge limit at the Van Lare treatment plant doesn’t impact the environment, shouldn’t the public have the right to know about it so they can…


Brooks Camp Editorial Right On Point

This is an editorial from the Messenger Post: Brooks camp must address allegations, set aside the spin Messenger Post Posted Oct 06, 2011 @ 11:43 AM Canandaigua, N.Y. — Why, oh why, do…

Legality of UTC Contract Questioned

More legal questions continue to arise as the UTC scandal becomes more public.  At least someone is stepping up to the plate trying to defend the integrity of Monroe County. Channel 8 reported…

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