Failed Leadership

County Neglects to Notify Public on Sewage Issues

While the County spokesman claims that exceeding the discharge limit at the Van Lare treatment plant doesn’t impact the environment, shouldn’t the public have the right to know about it so they can…


Brooks Camp Editorial Right On Point

This is an editorial from the Messenger Post: Brooks camp must address allegations, set aside the spin Messenger Post Posted Oct 06, 2011 @ 11:43 AM Canandaigua, N.Y. — Why, oh why, do…


State Audit Blasts County Contract

A report released September 22, 2011 by the New York State Comptroller’s Office condemned the County of Monroe, saying the contract between the county and Upstate Telecommunications (UTC) LDC is wrought with favoritism…


$21,000 towards strippers, fancy restaurants and expensive cigars

Monroe County Airport Authority Director David Damelio resigned on January 3, 2011 after spending more than $21,000 of tax payer money on adult clubs, strippers, fancy restaurants and expensive cigars. Instead of implementing…


Monroe County Ignores Grand Jury Report

Despite many scandals, the arrest and conviction of the Monroe County Water Authority’s (MCWA) former Executive Director, the MCWA board does not have a single Democrat or Independence Party registered voter on it….


Fiscal Gimmick Adds New County Tax

A provision of Monroe County’s ill-conceived FAIR Plan included the creation of a new line-item that appeared on residents’ tax bills: the MCC (Monroe Community College) Chargeback. This device simply moved the County’s…


Finding a Downtown Campus for MCC: “I dont care if it takes 20 years..” -Maggie Brooks

Since the failure of the Renaissance Square project in August 2009, Monroe Community College (MCC), has been forced to search for a new downtown location. While there has been bipartisan support for a…

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